What is Wholehearted Men?

Wholehearted Men is a faith-based ministry to Christian men led by Dave MacLean.  There is a story in Ezekiel 37 about a valley of dry bones.  Ezekiel the prophet was shown the valley and asked by God if he thought that all these very dry and dead bones could come to life.  God then begins to reveal His plan to breathe life into the dry bones so that they come back to life, then stand up together as a vast army for good.  God then indicates that the bones represented His people who feel alone, hopeless, and lifeless.

Dave believes that this is an accurate picture of how many, many Christian men feel.

For 10 years Dave has been working in men’s ministry.  Through the written and spoken word, Dave’s desire is to facilitate the breath of God being breathed into men so that they come alive in a way they never thought possible.  Dave’s message is one of life and hope.  Through a wide variety of presentations and products Dave provides much needed resources to ignite the hearts of Christian men.

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