Husband’s Conference

“Husbands, go all out in your love for your wives, exactly as Christ did for the church—a love marked by giving, not getting.” Ephesians 5:25 (The Message)

Marriages are under attack today like never before. But sadly, we oftentimes don’t understand the nature of the spiritual opposition set against us – instead of ­fighting our common foe we fi­ght each other.

This conference is designed to equip, encourage and envision men to wholeheartedly love their wives. Men will learn the following:

  • The critical revelation upon which your role as a husband must be built
  • How to pursue, protect, partner with and provide for your wife
  • Your mission as a freedom fighter for your wife’s heart
  • The nature of the opposition set against you and your wife
  • How to overcome spiritual opposition in your marriage

Wholehearted Husband’s Conference Sessions

Session 1: Who Am I Really?

Most men are caught in a performance-based mentality, never really confident and secure in who they are.  This base insecurity often leads to significant marital issues.  In this session we will discover who we really are and the revelation upon which our relationships with our wives must be built.

Session 2: Why is this so difficult and how do we start winning?

Men are often unaware of the spiritual opposition that is set against them experiencing all the life Jesus has for them and their wives.  In this session we will understand and overcome the unseen, yet very effective, spiritual opposition that negatively impacts our lives and our relationships with our wives.

Session 3: What can I do to create a great marriage? Part 1

There are 4 roles every husband needs to fulfill in his marriage.  In this session, we will discover what it means for a husband to Pursue his wife’s heart and to Partner with her in life.

Session 4:  What can I do to create a great marriage? Part 2

In this session, we will discover what it means for a husband to Protect his wife and to Provide for her.

Session 5:  What do I do now?

In this session, we will review what we have learned and outline a strategy you can use to help you begin to make the changes necessary to create the kind of marriage that both you and your wife are looking for.


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