Wholehearted Seminar for Men and Women

Based on feedback from you, we are going to reschedule this seminar for early 2018. Check back for more details soon.

Why is life so difficult? Is this all I can hope for? Is this as good as it gets? Do you ever find yourself asking these questions? Have you ever wondered about the abundant life Jesus promised us, and why you don’t seem to be experiencing it? Sadly, our lives often seem to fall short of the expectation we had for what life in Christ was supposed to be. The difficulties, wounds and failures of life can leave us believing that God is not that good, and neither are we.

God wants to take you deeper.  This safari of the soul is designed for you to do just that – get your heart back and regain the ground the enemy has stolen.  This journey involves risk, demands courage and promises reward for those people who step forward wanting more of God’s heart for them.

The Wholehearted Seminar for Men and Women is a quest into the recovery of your soul. Through teaching sessions, video clips, guided periods of alone time with God, reflection and journaling we have designed an expedition of the heart.

This is a one day journey for men and women to discover who you are in God, what more is in His heart for you, why life can be so difficult, and how to take hold of the freedom Christ has for you.

Join us – you will never be the same.